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A Barn Door for Your Pantry: Saves Space, Looks Great

Are you remodeling your kitchen and looking for a sensible, space saving idea for your pantry? A sliding barn door makes a great pantry door, concealing the pantry from view and providing visual interest that you just can’t get from a folding or swinging door. With their recessed shelving, pantries definitely benefit from sliding doors, and many homeowners are using barn doors to add character and make the best use of their space.

If you love cooking and entertaining, chances are that your pantry sees a lot of action and probably isn’t the most organized area of your kitchen. Ordinary folding or swinging doors take up a lot of space that could be used more effectively to allow you to see into and reach all the areas of your pantry. Visibility is the key to any well-organized pantry, and a sliding barn door will do the most to maximize your pantry’s visibility.

In this picture from, a sliding barn door both complements and conceals a pantry designed by Rebekah Zaveloff of the Chicago Kitchen Lab. The pantry is beautifully organized so that rarely used items like glassware are stored along the top shelves, and the tasteful arrangement of cookbooks and decor items adds flair, as well as keeping recipes handy for when they’re most needed.

Getting a look like this is easier than you might think; the key is to plan carefully beforehand. After you remove the old door (if any) from your pantry, but well before you install the barn door, measure the space available to help you decide what size door you’ll need. Empty all of the pantry shelves and consider the best way to arrange food and other necessities to meet your family’s unique needs. As in the picture, keep items you don’t use often towards the top and place commonly used items within reach.

Whether you would like a sleek new panel for your barn door or a more weathered, rustic specimen (maybe one that actually once graced a barn), we can help you pick the right hardware to hang it that will complement your kitchen and suit your personal style.

Source: Web 2014 Pantry Door Rebekah Zaveloff

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