Barn Doors for Your Laundry Room: Pretty and Practical


Barn doors are an increasingly popular decorating trend for homeowners, and there are many ways they can be used in homes of any size. If you like the idea of having a sliding barn door in your home, but the rustic look just isn’t for you, try this contemporary take. Barn doors need not be distressed, weathered looking, or even old; these doors are new and look it.

Most people are used to thinking of barn doors as strictly for dividing larger spaces, but trendsetting homeowners have realized that barn doors can be an ideal choice for concealing a closet, utility room, or laundry room. In a smaller house, every inch of usable space is priceless, and barn doors can help you reclaim some of that space as well as adding visual interest. The ability to quickly slide them shut in case of unexpected visitors is definitely a bonus.

Traditional bifold laundry room doors can be unwieldy and difficult to clean, not to mention a pinching hazard for children’s (and adults’) fingers. Barn doors provide an attractive, safer alternative that won’t take up as much room as a bifold door and won’t catch on fingers or clothes.

This laundry room is part of a design for a beach house, and the color of the barn doors complement the bright colors used throughout the design. By painting the barn doors this striking orange, the homeowners have ensured they’ll be seen not only a concealment for the laundry area, but a work of art in their own right. One of the best things about barn doors is their versatility; they can be a focal point of your design, a great place to hang other art, or simply a neutral surface painted the same color as your walls or left in their natural wood finish.

The hardware used to hang barn doors can be unobtrusive or can be a design element themselves, depending on the style you choose. We stock several different models of barn door hardware in classic, contemporary, traditional and vintage styles. We invite you to come by or schedule a consultation so you can find the barn door solution that’s right for you and your space.

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