An exciting new trend for interior spaces (both residential and commercial settings) is the stylish barn door.  The design has a number of practical applications while adding depth, interest and character to any interior space, and while we do not supply the wood panel for your barn door we do have the quality hardware you will need to hang it.  We can also provide assistance to help you source a contemporary or a rustic wood panel for your project if required.

There are two types of installations for an interior barn door.  One solid panel (which can be moved in either direction) or the popular bi-parting model with two wood panels that can be separated.   The bi-parting hardware allows you to hang two different wood panels for your barn door and the flexibility to have part of the entrance closed.  This is a convenient option to reduce draft or for partial privacy.

We have the right barn door hardware for your project!

Barn Door Hardware Utah


Barn doors make a practical and stylish impression in contemporary interior spaces.  They are whisper quiet when used and slide the panel easily with minimum noise.  This makes them ideal for applications in commercial settings such as professional offices or other public spaces.  The hardware for our contemporary collection features quality stainless steel fixtures and are best paired with new wood panels to complete your barn door.



Looking to recreate a historical design?  The vintage barn door hardware allow you to mimic a country looking barn door appearance, just the way they looked in          the past.  The unique round roller structure travels on top of the rail and is meant to be noticeable as a design element.  Typically designers will couple the vintage          hardware with a distressed wood panel for a wholesome look and sound that is reminiscent of days gone by.



The classic look features hardware with fastenings which are sturdy but neither contemporary or rustic.  The hardware generally follows predictable conservative lines and are suitable in any environment.  They are functional but not designed to stand out in the over all room aesthetic and they are a great choice for spaces which incorporate a bit of the old and the new.



Think of transitional styling as a way of combining both the old and the new when it comes to fixture design for barn doors.  The rollers add a classic appeal while blending well into a track that is not meant to stand out as a design element, but rather blend in for a smooth non-obtrusive effective.


We recommend a visit to our showroom to test the various models of barn door hardware that we carry.  Each feels and looks a little different, and some styles have a deliberately louder track movement to add to the ambience of the decorative barn door.