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Bathroom Rennovation with Friendlywall

Wood paneling in the bathroom may sound like an impossibility, but decorating with wood is a fantastic way to add color and depth to a bathroom. Its warmth goes a long way to offset the cold look of ceramic tubs and toilets, adding comfort and a natural feel to the room. Even better news for today’s trendsetting homeowners: the decor of a wood-paneled room need not reflect an old-fashioned sensibility. With Friendlywall, you can bring the warm, welcoming look of wood to any room of your house.  Unlike traditional wood paneling, Finium Friendlywall Urban Echo is equally suitable for rustic or modern decor.

Made from recycled pieces of wood that are left over from the manufacture of hardwood flooring, Friendlywall is an eco-friendly way to decorate with wood. In addition, Friendlywall is ultraviolet cured, so it emits no fumes or harmful chemicals–perfect for allergy or asthma sufferers in your home. The wood is sourced sustainably from regional forests, and meets LEED requirements.

In this picture, the muted color palette of Friendlywall Urban Echo blends beautifully with the contemporary fixtures and decor chosen by the designer. However, Urban Echo would go equally well with a shabby chic style: for example, complementing a claw foot tub, pedestal sink, and a vintage crystal chandelier. Even when installed as an accent wall, Friendlywall has the potential to lighten up your bathroom. Adding wood can give your bathroom depth, warmth, and color, and Friendlywall is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to do so.

Friendlywall can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can even be installed on ceilings. It can be installed in any bathroom, but should be installed where it will not be splashed regularly with water (for best results, the room should have an ambient humidity of 37-45%, similar to the optimal setting for a hardwood floor.) Friendlywall can be easily installed by most homeowners as long as they have a willing and handy partner and a few simple tools. If you’re interested in adding the warmth of wood to your home, call and let us answer any questions you might have.

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