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Choosing the Right Air Vent Covers for Your Home

Although we all see air vent covers every day, you may not have ever considered them a design element of a home. A “vent cover” is any sort of covering over a residential or commercial air vent; strictly speaking, the covers over the forced air vents that bring the cooled or warmed air into your room are called registers, while the covers over the air return vents that take air from your room back into the HVAC system to be cooled or warmed are called grills.

Registers generally have a damper or louvers which allow you to control the flow of air into your room; registers are usually found along the wall or on the ceiling. Grills are generally larger in order to accommodate an air filter and are usually found on the floor. It’s very important that both types of air vent be left unobstructed in order not to impede the circulation of air throughout your home.

Too often, air vent covers are utilitarian in design; when rooms have been otherwise beautifully designed and decorated, seeing plain covers can be jarring. However, this need not be the case; decorative air vent covers are available in styles that add charm and flair to all the rooms of your home. Smart homeowners are taking advantage of this opportunity to express their personalities.

In order to select the right cover for your air vent, you must know its correct size; to get an accurate measurement, remove the cover and measure the opening in the wall or floor. Make sure that there is no obstruction nearby that would prevent the installation of a new vent cover; this is particularly important in the case of a flush mount cover that goes on the floor, or one that is mounted in an existing gap in the baseboards.

We offer laser cut designs for air vent covers in styles suitable for the decor of  any home; you can even create your own for a look no one else will have.  Call and ask for our brochure to get started on choosing your perfect air vent covers.

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