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Important information for Friendlywall users

friendlywall_logo 1Friendlywall is made in a Certified to FSC STD-04-004.manufacturing plant at Frampton, Quebec.

Is partly made of rejected pieces from the hardwood industries (maple, oak and walnut) cut to pieces to fit the FriendlyWall pattern. The range of wood products offered by Finium allows optimal use of raw materials entering our plants.

Wood comes mainly from regional forest when applicable.

All finish not applied to products is recovered. Since the finish is ultraviolet cured, there are no emissions of volatile organic compounds, in compliance with the most stringent standards enforced by the Government of Quebec in environmental matters.

Uses a glue that has a water base from the Tri-Tex Co inc. This crosslinkable polyvinyl acetate emulsion is designed to best hold the various pieces of the wall panel together.

Encourage the use of eco adhesive brands of glue for its installation such as the Green choice adhesives offered by Titebond : Heavy Duty construction Adhesive, the Premium Polyurethane finiumlogo

Construction Adhesive or the Interior/Exterior Construction Adhesive.
Can-Lak confirms that their Gloss UV TOPCOAT MAXICURE 295-009 10o and all their tint product bases used for Friendlywall:

  • Have a low impact on the environment
  • Low VOC: between 0.00 and 0.040 KglL
  • Formaldehyde-free;
  • Contribute to a healthier air quality lndoor living (formulated for a factory
  • finishes application) ;
  • Offer a higher level of durability (as stated under the AWI finishingsystem, it is the more efficient regarding the general durability, abrasion resistance, household chemical resistance, stain resistance;
  • Meet the requirements of LEED and GREEN GUARD.