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Buying FriendlyWall

Where can I buy FriendlyWall?  Right here! is a premier retailer for FriendlyWall and Urban Echo. We ship to all 50 states, and most orders ship within 24 hours.


Can I order a color different from those offered?

It is possible, but only for a large quantity. The minimum quantity required to develop a custom color is 1700 square feet. Custom color programs are available for architects, designers and builders for specific projects such as hotels, commercial centers and residential developments.

However, such orders require a longer delivery time to allow for color development and approval by the designer, followed by placing the order in the production schedule.


Does FriendlyWall come in a flat version, without the 3 D effect?

Both the Great Classics and Jazz collections feature the 3 D Effect and a unique puzzle assembly.


Can I buy directly from the factory?

FriendlyWall is only sold through a network of retailers and not directly to the consumer. is by far the best place to order it, and that is completely unbiased. Well, sort of.


2- Where can it be installed?

Can I install FriendlyWall anywhere?

Yes, anywhere inside a building, but away from any risk of splashing water or a strong source of heat.

Installation guidelines and our warranty both indicate that this product reacts like any hardwood floor and requires an ideal ambient humidity level, ideally between 37% and 45%.


Where can I install FriendlyWall ?

There are many options open to you: to draw attention to a wall in the living room, dining room or entrance hall; to define a space or divide a large room into smaller sections; to enhance the far wall in an alcove, library or wall leading to an upper floor; to act as a backdrop for the bed in a bedroom; or to decorate the base of a piece of furniture or partition wall.


Can I install FriendlyWall in a bathroom?

Yes, in most cases when it is located away from the risk of splashing water.


Can I use FriendlyWall on a ceiling?

Yes, it has been installed on ceilings with spectacular results.



What is construction glue or PL glue?

PL Glue is 100% polyurethane. It is used to glue prefinished or unfinished panels, agglomerate, drywall, moldings, etc. to any dry wall or other material. As a rule, it takes three 295-ml tubes for a surface

of 100 square feet (9,5 m2). This glue is applied with a caulking gun. If you use a caulking gun with an opening of 3/8 inch in diameter, multiply the estimated number of cartridges by 2.


Can I simply nail the panel in place without gluing it?

No. The glue is important to ensure complete and even bonding of the panel to the wall. The nails serve to position the panel until the glue sets. The Finium warranty is valid only when the panel is installed with this combination of glue and nails. If the panel is only nailed to transversal braces, for example, the entire surface of the panel is not supported and it may warp. Our warranty will apply only if the panel is glued and nailed to the wall.


Can I simply glue the panel without nailing it?

Some clients have chosen to install FriendlyWall directly on cement walls using only glue. However, humidity levels of cement walls have contributed to panels swelling later on. If the surface to be covered is dry and shows little sign of humidity, the use of glue without nails is possible. However, we recommend the use of fast-bonding glue and wedges at the bottom of the first row of panels to prevent that row from sliding before the glue is completely set.


Can I cut the panels with a jigsaw?

This is a bad idea. The panels will chip. However, you must use a jigsaw to cut inside the panel to add an electrical outlet frame or an air vent, for example.


Can I install FriendlyWall on unpainted or jointed drywall?

Yes, definitely.


Can anybody install FriendlyWall?

Yes, with proper tools and a handy partner. Installation guidelines and videos available on this website provide a quick review of the tools and techniques required to install FriendlyWall. Technical drawings are also available to illustrate how to install moldings, frame an electrical outlet and finish a corner.


How long will it take to install an 8 by 10 foot wall with no door or window trim?

Around two hours, with the proper tools and a good partner!


Can I install FriendlyWall without moldings?

Yes, but the result may lack that finishing touch. Contour molding is designed to mask unsightly cuts and uneven walls or ceilings.


How do I finish a corner?

We recommend the use of two contour moldings, each abutting the other at the junction of the two walls to cover. Check the ‘Technical Drawings’ tabfor an  explanation on how to finish a corner.


Do you offer a molding that can cover the corners of two surfaces?

No, only the use of two pieces of contour molding allows the connection of two decorative surfaces mounted at 90°angles.


To what do the # 18 and #23 nails that you suggest correspond with the pneumatic finish hammer?

These refer to the caliber of the nails. The# 23 nails are pins. Use them directly on the panel, at the junction of the pieces of wood for inconspicuous holes. Because these nails are very small, they are perfect for a finishing job on light pieces of wood, moldings, mirrors or decorative frames and shelving. Only a very small hole is visible and there is no need to fill it afterwards.

Size #18 requires a slightly larger pneumatic hammer. It is used for light or medium jobs. These nails will leave a small hole that need not be filled. We recommend using this caliber to nail the groove of the panel to the tongue. Nail holes will be covered by the next panel.


What happens if small pieces of wood detach from the panel?

Simply glue them back in place. A lamination may become unglued following rough shipping or a blow. Use regular carpenter glue or the 100% polyurethane glue used to install the panels on the wall.


Can I return unused panels?

No, this is not possible.  It is important to carefully calculate the surface to be covered. Each FriendlyWall panel (Great Classics and Jazz collections) covers 5 square feet and panels are sold in boxes of six. Some dealers accommodate customers with orders of the exact number of panels required without selling a full box when only a certain number of panels are needed (such as 7 panels = one box + 1 panel)


Does a touch-up kit exist to repair scratches?

A touch-up kit is available for all FriendlyWall references of the two Great Classics (oak) and Jazz collections (maple and walnut).

Sold in two different formats: for natural panels of maple or walnut, a single touch-up applicator with varnish only; for stained products, a dual-action valve marker containing stain and varnish.


None of the colors available suit me; can I get the panels unstained and unvarnished?

Yes, FriendlyWall products are also available in an unfinished version. Similarly, unfinished moldings are also available. This is ideal for those who prefer their own color or an oil finish for a different appearance. However, the work required to stain, followed by light sanding before the final varnish application, may test your patience, given the number of pieces to work with. Unfinished panels are not kept in stock, and require a 3-4 week lead time to be scheduled into a production run.  If you need to order a batch of unfinished panels, please call Jason at the main office number 801-973-0731 M-F 8-5 MST to get it ordered and scheduled.


4-Special conditions:

Can I use FriendlyWall near a major source of heat, such as a fireplace mantel?

This product is flammable and its use near a major source of heat (such as a gas fireplace, solid burning appliance, slow burning stove) is not recommended. Please check the latest construction regulations or the fire department nearest you. In most cases, the use of decorative wood walls is forbidden near these heating sources. If no information is available, please consult the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1


Is FriendlyWall water resistant?

Our finish is quite resistant (against scratches, abrasion, household chemical stains). The 3D aspect of our two Great Classics and Jazz collections is great as a backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. However, their uneven surfaces may make cleaning grease or water splashes from sinks more challenging. Finium uses a very resistant UV varnish and there is no need to add any other protection over our finish. This finish is not available on the market and we warrant it for 25 years. This said, we have certain reservations regarding the use of FriendlyWall in areas where water splashes are frequent. Water infiltration can affect the wood under the varnish.

Special notice: please refer to the FriendlyWall installation guidelines. A stable environment between 37% to 45% relative humidity is ideal for best results.


Can FriendlyWall be used as a contour of a gas fireplace?

It is not a good idea, because the heat of the fire can alter the wood or cause premature drying or cracks. FriendlyWall behaves just like any hardwood floor, requiring a constant level of ambient humidity. Always refer to the recommended materials suggested for the immediate surface near the heat source. Once this safety perimeter is determined (it varies from fireplace manufacturers), you can always use FriendlyWall to cover the rest of the wall.

This product is flammable and its use near a major heat source (such as a gas fireplace, solid burning appliance, slow burning stove) is not recommended. Please check the latest construction regulations or the fire department nearest you. In most cases, the use of decorative wood walls is forbidden near these heating sources. If no available information, please consult the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1


5- Special care:

How do I clean FriendlyWall?

Very simply, with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Finium UV varnish is very resistant and makes maintenance easy, with no need for special cleaning or treatment.

Regular dusting will remove any dust


Which colors of the two FriendlyWall collections Great Classics and Jazz are the most popular?

In order of preference, Walnut, Amadéus, Davis, Baker, Debussy, natural Maple, Cambini and Bach.


6- Is FriendlyWall an eco-responsible product?

Yes, FriendlyWall was created with the environment in mind. First, it is made in an FSC certified STD-04-004 manufacturing plant in Frampton, Quebec. Here are the key points of our eco- responsibility:

– It is made from low value reclaimed wood from the hardwood industries (maple, oak and walnut) cut to pieces to fit the FriendlyWall pattern. Finium allows optimal use of raw materials entering our plant.

-Wood originates mainly from regional forests.

-All finish not applied to our products is recovered. Since the finish is ultraviolet-cured, there are no emissions of volatile organic compounds, in compliance with the most stringent standards enforced by the Government of Quebec in environmental matters.

-Uses glue that has a Tri-Tex water base. This glue is made of polyvinyl acetate emulsion best suited to hold the various pieces of the wall on the support panel.

-Encourages the use of eco-friendly adhesive brands of glue for installation such as the adhesives offered by Titebond: Heavy Duty construction Adhesive, the Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive and Interior/Exterior Construction Adhesive.

-Our supplier of varnish and stain confirms that all their products used for Friendlywall:

-Have a low impact on the environment, low VOC: between 0,00 and 0,040 KglL and are formaldehyde-free

-Contribute to healthier air quality indoors (compatible with industrial finishes)

-Offer a higher level of durability (as stated under the AWI finishing system) concerning durability, abrasion resistance, household chemical resistance, stain resistance

-Meet the LEED and GREEN GUARD norms