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How to Plan for LED Lighting

Everything beautiful in the home starts with a good plan.

The new LED lighting offerings provide a new level of ease for installation. The Loox lighting package from Hafele carries with it a class 2 rating. This means that a licensed electrician is not required to install them. It is likely, however, that you may need an electrician to place some outlets for you. This article will focus on installing LED lighting in a kitchen setting.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are using LED puck lights or LED ribbon lighting.  Some pucks require a cutout in the partition for flush mounting, others are thin (1/4”) and are attached with adhesive. After studying your layouts, identify areas  of lighting that can be grouped together naturally. You will need to have a driver (transformer) that powers each of these groups, and each driver needs an outlet within six feet (that’s the length of the cord). Some prefer to put the drivers at the back of the base cabinets where you won’t see them. Others prefer to place them above the upper cabinets (if you have crown molding that touches the ceiling, this can cause problems if the driver ever needs to be replaced).  Once you determined where the outlets need to be, have your electrician wire them so that all outlets are powered by one switch.

There are various connectors that facilitate different layout needs. Each puck need to have their connection cable go directly to the driver. Each puck has a six foot lead, and another six foot extension is available if the driver is that far away. Ribbon, however, can be set up in series, “jumping” from one section to another with different sizes of jumper connection cables (2”, 20”, and 72” lengths are available). When installing the ribbons, it’s a good idea to use masking tape to test out the glow and wash of the lights before pulling the adhesive backing off.

Where LED lighting can be done by homeowners and contractors alike, it may seem somewhat daunting to figure out what pieces you need and how many. Don’t despair! We offer a free layout service to figure out what you need. You plans can be emailed to us, or you can come by for a personal consultation.

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