If space is at a premium and limited, organization means the difference between a kitchen that is work and one that works for you.   Few people feel that they have enough space when it comes to their kitchen design, so the challenge for contractors is to make use of the available space and make every square inch useful, and convenient for the homeowner.

Intuitive kitchen design means spending time reflecting on the end user.  How is the kitchen accessed?  What is the owners preference when it comes to the location of appliances and tools? Choose drawer inserts that make organization easy and tailor your kitchen storage exactly the way you want.  Protect high end cookware and tools by preventing shifting and movement in drawers as well.

Rethink Drawer Solutions

The drawers in a kitchen design can be used for so many different and practical solutions.  Have more drawer space than cupboards?   Rethink what the traditional approach has been to drawers and consider them to be a great resource per square inch of conveniently accessed storage for your most frequently used cookware, implements and dry goods.

  • Can be used for pot and pan storage
  • Can be used for organized spices and seasonings
  • Can be used for lateral recycling storage
  • Safely store holiday and special event dishes and silverware 
  • Store cleaners in an upright position with slotted drawers
  • Organize dried goods such as pasta, rice etc. 

A well appointed kitchen will include drawers that make the most important elements organized and accessible.  Talk to us about your storage needs and get a free consultation on designing drawer storage that optimizes your space.

Kitchen Drawers