An interior of a beautiful custom kitchen

Traditional kitchen design with LED puck lighting.

Decorating lighting is an important element to any space.  Not only does it serve a utilitarian purpose but you can can create a variety of moods with the lighting you choose.  Design for kitchen lighting serves a number of purposes.   Your kitchen lighting should create a feel of comfort and inviting warmth.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should be an aesthetic that you love.

Why are more contract professionals turning to LED lighting for residential or commercial spaces?   Economy and performance.   Did you know that the average white LED lamp has a lifespan of about 100,000 hours?  That is equivalent to more than 10 years of use at 100% and over twenty years lifespan at 50% daily use.  The average incandescent bulb by contrast lasts only 5,000 hours.

Why Choose LED Lighting?

  • Outlasts incandescent lighting by a ratio of 20:1
  • Reduces power consumption by a ratio of 15:1
  • Low heat production
  • Class 2 rating (no electrician required for installation)
    Kitchen 1

    Contemporary style with even glow LED strip lighting.

  • More consistent and even light dispersion

LED lighting provides under cabinet lighting for one fifteenth of the energy of regular under cabinet lights.  Light your work area brightly at a fraction of the cost.

Free Custom Lighting Design Service

We have a number of LED lighting options for any application. Bring us your schematic and we will help you measure and estimate for your order (at no additional charge).    Call us to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom and see our available styles and options in person.