garage storageWhether renovating an existing garage or installation in a new home, an investment in a garage storage system provides convenience as well as safety.   We offer a great selection of hardware components for your project to free up your floor space.

Consider the safe storage of sharp objects and tools another priority as well as the need to seasonally alter your garage storage.   When the seasons change, a quality garage storage system will provide an organized spot for tools you do not need.  A snow shovel in July?  Not needed.  But it should have a place that is easy to access when November rolls around.

Tips for the Garage

  • Measure before you begin and estimate approximate square foot storage needs.
  • Avoid general floor storage.  Keep the floor clear and move storage upward to cabinets and the interior walls.
  • Invest in racks and hooks and a designated area for sports equipment.
  • Consider cabinetry that allows you to secure chemicals, pesticides and fuel with a lock.
  • Power tools are not used frequently but are tempting to children.  Plan to store them out of reach.
  • Design bulk bin storage for small items like fasteners and hand tools. 

Bring us your measurements and we can sit down and choose the best hardware components for your needs and budget.