Complementing Your Decor With Air Registers

When  decorating your new home there are many decisions to make about color and flooring and decor, each reflecting your personality and the atmosphere you want for your space. Personalizing your space is really about the small touches that make your home a unique expression of your taste.   When it comes to interior design, the little things really do matter and add up to a polished overall aesthetic.

What Do Air Vents Do?

The air supply register is the cover over the air terminal, the end of the air duct which delivers warm or cool air to your room; they allow you to control the flow of air through the terminal. Most are located on walls or ceilings, although some for heating systems may be located on the floor.

Air return ducts pull air out of the room to recirculate through the heating or cooling unit. The register covers which go over air return ducts are usually called “grills.” Grills are larger, as they generally hold the air filter, and have no dampers through which the air flow can be controlled. Grills are often on the floor but can be on the walls or ceilings as well. It’s important to keep the flow of air through grills uninterrupted to maintain the air circulation throughout your home.

Most homes and apartments come with plain covers, but you need not be limited by those; there are many more options. You may choose to match all the grills and registers for a unified look, or select different designs to complement different design schemes throughout your home. Accessories like an air register can be thought of as jewelry for your room; a simple design can be used to quietly complement the room’s decor, or a bold one can be used to make a statement.

 Dressing Up Your Ducts

We are proud to offer a variety of laser cut designs which are suitable for any home’s decor.  And with a four week lead time, we can provide you with custom designs. Other accessories we offer include custom access and control panels to disguise utility valves, thermostats, or plumbing clean outs, as well as metal decorative inserts to replace the usual wire cloth inserts.  Contact us anytime or visit our showroom to find the perfect look for your home’s registers, grills, and access panels.

If it acts like a duct and sounds like a duct, you can still dress it up with creative ventilation covers.  We can custom design to specify an original style for your kitchen and home.



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