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Using Barn Doors as a Decorative Accent


Whether they’re vintage or newly made, barn doors are an increasingly popular decorating trend, especially in smaller urban areas where space may be at a premium. The most common use of barn door panels is to divide a larger room into two smaller areas. However, many homeowners are making truly creative use of barn doors as an accent rather than a divider; this is a great way to create visual interest and display items that fit the room’s or home’s theme.

You may have grown up with an old-fashioned “entertainment center,” a multi-shelved unit that held a television and videotape or DVD player, as well as knick-knacks and other items such as video game systems or the family’s music and movie collections. With the sleeker lines of today’s electronics, such a shelf may not be practical or desirable, and can take up valuable floor space. Many trendsetting homeowners are choosing alternatives that showcase not only their taste in televisions, but also their decorating savvy.

A sliding barn door can be used to conceal a very modern take on an entertainment center in a den or family room, consisting of a flat screen TV set mounted on the wall and a series of wire racks mounted underneath to hold magazines and DVDs. The barn door serves as a cover for the center, and also provides extra surface area to hang art and decorative pieces. Either the distressed look of a  reclaimed barn door or a smoother, new wooden panel would work for this application, depending on the style you want for your home.

Of course, the most important part of a sliding barn door is the hardware to mount it, and we have several styles for you to choose from, from classic rustic finish to sleek contemporary looks. We can help you choose hardware that will make your barn door a welcome and useful addition to your home–and if you don’t have one yet, we can even help you source a barn door that will suit your needs. Come visit our showroom; we think you’ll find the perfect combination to make your creative vision a reality.

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