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FriendlyWall™ Panels: The Warmth of Wood Made Simple

If you’ve ever wanted the richness and warmth that wood paneling can add to a room but worried about the cost and how long it would take to install, we have some great news for you. Decorative Woodwork at Home now offers Finium FriendlyWall™ panels which are easy to install on walls or ceilings in either a vertical or horizontal direction. Our interlocking panels offer a professional look easily achievable by anyone with a partner and a few simple tools.

FriendlyWall™ is suitable for either business or residential application, and is made of recycled pieces of hardwood left over from other hardwood industries. All lumber used is sourced from North American forests. This makes FriendlyWall™ a responsible and eco-friendly alternative to conventional wood paneling.

In addition, FriendlyWall’s finish is ultraviolet cured, which means lower VOCs in your home compared to other treated woood products. FriendlyWall™ is treated with a finish that is completely free of formaldehyde. Any finish that is not applied to the panels during the manufacturing process is recovered. With FriendlyWall™ installed, you and your family can breathe easily and feel great about making a better choice for the environment.

FriendlyWall™ is available in a variety of finishes, including Maple, Walnut, and other light and dark shades that will complement any home or business. Urban Echo is a FriendlyWall™ product that offers seven different variations of wood. This is a decorative combination which gives a comforting rustic ambiance to modern urban living and is just as easy to install as our classic FriendlyWall™.

Decorative Woodwork is pleased to be a premier retailer for FriendlyWall™ and UrbanEcho, as well as coordinating molding and even electrical outlet frames. We can ship anywhere in the 50 United States, and we can ship most orders within 24 hours. Contact us today to see how you can bring the warmth and beauty of FriendlyWall™ to your home or business.

Demo Wall

Our showroom display and samples for FriendlyWall in Murray Utah. Schedule an appointment to come in and select the perfect designer finish for your project!

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