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Fini U.V. International guarantees Friendlywall panels against manufacturing defects. If, upon opening a box, a panel is defective or fails to meet Finium quality standards, the consumer may return the panel to the nearest retailer for replacement.

This product is flammable and its use near an important heating source (such as a gas fireplace, solid burning appliances, slow burning stove) is not recommended. Please check the latest construction regulations or the nearest fire department in your locality. In most cases, the use of decorative wood walls is forbidden near these heating sources. If no available information, please consult the Canadian CSA-B365 Installation code for solid fuel-burning appliances or the norm for gas installation CAN/CGA-B149 in Canada and its equivalent for USA by the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1

A panel with glue applied to its back or an installed panel (nailed) is deemed accepted and cannot be claimed under warranty.

An unglued lamination may be glued back together using 100% polyurethane glue.

Given the nature of wood, it is possible that Friendlywall panels may exhibit colour variations from one panel to the next or from one production lot to the next. We recommend that you arrange the panels on the wall based on your personal colour preferences. Such variations may not be claimed under warranty.

Before installing a panel, check the fit prior to spreading glue on the panel. In the event that a panel fails to interlock properly, attempt to position it on a panel in another row. If the Friendlywall panel once again fails to interlock properly, please return it to your authorized dealer for replacement.

Fini U.V. International guarantees the conformity of its products when they are installed according to Friendlywall installation guidelines and are maintained in an environment where ambient humidity ranges between 37% and 45%. Failure to comply with installation and maintenance instructions and with recognized trade techniques could void the application of these warranties.

For questions regarding the interpretation of the warranty, contact an authorized dealer or one of our Customer Service representatives.